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Get your startup in front of one of the fastest growing and most active groups of angel investors in South Florida.  Please note that there is a $25 processing fee for each application. This is the only fee we charge throughout our process.

About South Florida Angels

We are a member led group of angel investors who make seed-stage and early-stage investments in excellent entrepreneurs with big ideas and a need for capital to turn their ideas into awesome and profitable companies.

We contribute more than money to the companies we fund and welcome the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs who are open to taking advice, yet have the intelligence and determination to make their venture successful.

South Florida Angels
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Our Philosophy and Approach

South Florida Angels was formed with the intention to make angel investing accessible, fun and intellectually stimulating.

We strive to foster a friendly and open environment and at our core believe that angel investing as a collaborative group fundamentally improves the likelihood of making better investment decisions.

Furthermore, the value of our members to entrepreneurs should enhance the prospects of success for both entrepreneurs and investors alike.

With a membership made up of successful entrepreneurs, executives, and venture capitalists, we pride ourselves on providing critical strategic expertise to entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial community. By leveraging the members’ deep and broad knowledge of multiple industries and financial capita

Our members seek to contribute to the ultimate success of its portfolio companies through direct mentorship of its entrepreneurs, by opening their vast networks and by contributing their years of diverse experience.

Greater success is harnessed when a “more-than-money” investment approach is employed.

We look for entreprneurs and companies with elegant, transformative solutions to clear problems in big markets that can scale, with smart, motivated and trustworthy entrepreneurs.

We do not restrict ourselves to specific industries when considering investments, though the majority of our portfolio interests fall into Technology categories.

Your passion and dedication to your business also matter to us as much as your balance sheet. We aim to get underneath your business and its prospects. We invest in people as much as businesses, so honesty and respect are key factors in a successful investment relationship.

South Florida Angels members have personal and professional commitments to the ongoing development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in South Florida.

This commitment includes mentoring exciting local startup companies and speaking on educational panels across the area. It also include relationships with universities and colleges across the region.